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Auto Body Repair - Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Oren’s Auto Body has been providing outstanding repairs and customer service to the local communities since 1976. At Oren’s, WE CARE. We care because we want our customers to be satisfied. First, we always want to be sure that you and any passengers are ok. Next, we don’t want this situation to be a hassle and upset your daily life so we will provide you with a FREE loaner vehicle to use while yours is being repaired. Then with your permission, we will handle the claim from start to finish with any insurance company. We will order the correct parts and provide quality repairs, workmanship and service. A Written Lifetime Warranty for the repairs is provided upon delivery. When you have your vehicle repaired by the professional technicians at Oren’s, you are guaranteed complete satisfaction.



Car Wash - Monday - Saturday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Weather permitting

Our automatic drive thru car wash is like no other automatic car wash you’ve probably experienced! When you drive up you will be greeted by a Car Wash Attendant. He/She will take your “order” for the service you would like before you begin the clean car experience. Your vehicle will be sprayed off by the attendant and then you will be guided on the automatic track. Once you’re on the track and your vehicle is in neutral, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Your vehicle will be guided through to the end where attendants will again greet you and dry your vehicle with baby soft towels. When the attendants are done drying, they will give you a smile, thanks and nod of the head to indicate that it is safe for you to put your vehicle in gear to leave. You will leave feeling happy with a clean vehicle knowing you are adding years to your vehicles life by keeping it clean.

Vehicle Detailing - Available by appointment

In the busy world we live in, not many have time to clean their own vehicle. At Oren’s we offer several detailing packages. Our very essential package includes interior vacuuming, windows, wipe down of all panels, seats (if leather) and exterior wash. However, vehicles work hard too, so we also offer “all day spa” packages as well which includes shampooing, exterior buffing or wax. It’s your choice, pick a package or customize what is just right for your vehicle and budget. Call today to make your appointment!

Essential Package

Thorough wash of the exterior, clean wheels and wheel wells. Completely hand dry exterior and all door jams with baby soft, clean towels. We’ll wash the interior windows, vacuum all the seats, floor mats and the interior carpet, wipe down the dash, panels, leather seats and trim. Need the interior shampooed?

  • Add $25. per row of seats in vehicle.
  • Cars $45. + tax
  • SUVs/Vans/Trucks $55. + tax

Exterior Package

Our signature clay treatment to remove pollen dots, tree sap, bugs, brake dust spots and other minor imperfections. We’ll top it off by applying a coat of top of the line synthetic polymer sealant to protect finish. Note: This package does not include any interior cleaning of the vehicle.

  • Cars $87. + tax
  • SUVs/Vans/Trucks $115. + tax

Exceptional Package

This is the complete VIP treatment. Your vehicle will thank you later. All the services above are included here. In addition we’ll completely shampoo the interior and all mats. Complete cleaning of engine compartment will be done.

  • Cars $193. + tax
  • SUVs/Vans/Trucks $233. + tax

Our Facility

All makes and models and much more!

All repair estimates are not created equal!

We know how much your vehicle means to you and how difficult it can be when you have an accident.

That is why we approach the repair process with the intention to serve you in a manner that makes the process as painless as possible.

Our mission is to protect the auto repair consumer and empower them with information about their auto repair costs and options.


As our customer, we welcome you. We realize that going to an auto body repair shop is the last thing you want to do. For this very
reason, we will make this experience unique and different. Our quality, certified technicians and our state-of-the-art equipment ensures
complete satisfaction guaranteed! Take a look at our services:


Our Team

Shane OrenShane Oren



Shane started working in the family business from the bottom of the ladder at age 12 drying cars in the car wash. In February of 2000, he and Wendy purchased the body shop and car wash from his parents. Today he is responsible for all daily operations of the business. He has been writing estimates, repairing and refinishing damaged vehicles for 20+ years. Since purchasing the business, Shane has acquired employees that he can trust with tasks to provide quality repairs that free up some of his time to focus on managing and leading the shop into the future on a daily basis. However, he is responsible for writing all estimates for our customers and insurance companies.

Wendy OrenWendy Oren

Vice President/Marketing


Wendy started working full time at the business in August, 2010. She manages the office and is the friendly voice you will get when calling the shop. She sets up and monitors insurance claims for the customers. A major amount of her time is spent on marketing for the shop. This includes creating advertisements, specials, customer referral programs, customer appreciation packages, company newsletters and maintaining insurance agent and company relationships. She has worked in the marketing and customer service field for over 20+ years.

Josh OlsonJosh Olson

Estimator/Parts Coordinator


Josh Olson joined the team as the Estimator & Parts Coordinator in June of 2018. Josh graduated from Blackhawk Technical College in 2008 with a degree in Business Management. His automotive background includes experience in Management, Training, and Purchasing.

Josh will handle your collision repair process from start to finish with great attention to detail. He will write the initial estimate, schedule your appointment, arrange for a courtesy car (if needed), order parts, and provide updates during the repair process. He will complete all the necessary paperwork and provide photos to your insurance company to make it a stress-free repair. Give Josh a call today to schedule an appointment to get your Free Estimate.

Levi ClaveyLevi Clavey

Lead Technician

Levi has been working at Oren’s since 1997. He started working as a car wash attendant in high school. In 2000, he moved into the body shop and began his education for auto body repair. Levi has been trained in all areas of repair, including airbags.


You have rights!

Important things you need to know:

  1. Your vehicle is likely the second largest investment you make. Preserve it’s value and your safety by having it repaired professionally.
  2. Never drive a vehicle that could be unsafe because of damages.
  3. Some insurance companies may want their representatives to inspect your vehicle before having your car repaired. You may leave your vehicle at our shop and ask that they do the inspection here, or visit their claim center.
  4. There is no law requiring you to obtain more than one estimate. YOU have the right to go to the repair shop of your choice. You are not required to use any particular shop.
  5. Differences in repair estimates are common. A lower estimate may not include all the necessary work. If you are unsure why one estimate is different from another you have received, please ask us. We are here to help.
  6. Choose a shop with uni-body and frame repair equipment and certified technicians.
  7. Ask if the shop will be using genuine manufacturer (OEM) replacement parts.
  8. Ask if the shop offers a written lifetime warranty on repairs.
  9. Ask if the shop offers free loaner vehicles while repairs are being made.
  10. We would be glad to help you negotiate your claim with your insurance company from start to finish.


Direct Repair Programs

We pride our business on QUALITY and SERVICE for every customer we serve.

We are happy to handle ANY insurance claim with ANY insurance company for our customers from start to finish. Remember, where you take your vehicle for the needed repairs is YOUR choice.

There are some companies that offer Direct Repair service programs to body shops that meet high expectations and standards in all areas of the complete repair process. Oren’s Auto Body is proud to be members of the following insurance companies’ Direct Repair Programs.

  • 1st Auto & Casualty
  • Acuity Insurance
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Rural Mutual Insurance
  • West Bend Mutual

If you do not see your specific insurance company name on our list above no worries, we have a great working relationship with all insurance companies.

Quality You Expect and Service You Deserve.

As our customer, we welcome you. We realize that going to an auto body repair shop is the last thing you want to do. For this very
reason, we will make this experience unique and different. Our quality, certified technicians and our state-of-the-art equipment ensures
complete satisfaction guaranteed! Take a look at our services:


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Before & Afters

All makes and models and much more!

All repair estimates are not created equal!

We know how much your vehicle means to you and how difficult it can be when you have an accident.

That is why we approach the repair process with the intention to serve you in a manner that makes the process as painless as possible.

Our mission is to protect the auto repair consumer and empower them
with information about their auto repair costs and options.

What Customers Are Saying

My car looks fabulous! Not only is damage repaired to perfection; but also, my car is spotlessly clean and smelling like new. I highly recommend your company and would return if the need ever arises.
Carol R. — Milton, WI

Thank you so much for a job well done! From the beginning you made the process very easy and everyone was so friendly and helpful!
Abby H. — Ft. Atkinson, WI

I was very impressed with the service and follow up. A#1 business. Highly recommend to others.
Chuck N. — Milton, WI

Roses are red, violets are blue, you made my car look like brand new!
Linda S. — Edgerton, WI

Great service from initial vehicle inspection of damages through delivery of finished vehicle. My vehicle looked better than new. Oren's provided some of the best customer service I've ever experienced!
Todd W. — Edgerton, WI

I couldn't be more pleased and satisfied that I chose to work with Oren's for my car repair. They took all the hassle and stress out of an already frustrating situation and turned it into one where I now feel pride in my shiny, clean car. I wouldn't go anywhere else! Thank you!!
Amanda P. — Madison, WI

Thanks again, Shane! Really appreciate everything.
Alicia F. — Edgerton, WI

Very happy with ALL the work that was done.
Richard U. — Edgerton, WI

Awesome! Very nice people, wonderful to work with. Great experience. They get things done fast!
Ronda S. — Janesville, WI

I found Oren's through my insurance company who guaranteed Oren' work. The paint matches perfectly and they took the time to not only fix all the things broken, but also took the time to make sure I was completely satisfied. Thank you!
Ashley H. — Edgerton, WI

Made my van look like new and treated me like family.
Rob L. — Janesviille,WI

Oren's is the best! From Wendy to Shane and all the staff (including car wash, which I've used for 3 years) - all are friendly and clearly understand what FIRST CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE means. Thank you!
Priscilla A. — Edgerton, WI

Every time we come down it's a great experience! Thanks as usual for everything!
Matt T. — Edgerton, WI

Shane and Wendy treated me like I was family and made me feel truly comfortable. The work done to my car was fantastic. I couldn't be more pleased with both the work and the way I was treated. I will be a returning customer.
Chris L. — Janesville, WI

Shane and his staff are exceptional. They met and exceeded all the needs of the repair and my vehicle was shimmering! Will recommend you to anyone in need. Thanks again!!
Sheri H. — Edgerton, WI

Never disappointed.
Arnie K. — Edgerton, WI

Very pleased. Very good work. I hope you stay in business for the rest of my life!
John T. — Edgerton, WI

Excellent job. Excellent customer service. Car looks GREAT! I will be recommending you to anyone I can.
Susie O. — Cambridge, WI

Shane and Wendy were unbelievable when it came to repairing my beloved F-150 after hitting a deer. Service was top notch. I will never take my vehicles anywhere else as long as I live. I will share your shop with my family and friends! Superb job!
Chad C. — Milton, WI

Customer service and workmanship are outstanding. We need more businesses like this! Great job Oren's! We will be referring all our friends!
Jenny & Charlie C. — Janesville, WI

I have never experienced the quality of both care and concern for my "new" car and me after our traumatic accident. Being so far from home I was worried about leaving the car. After seeing the shop and talking to Wendy, I was assured it would be a good decision. The car looks and rides like new thanks to Shane.
Laurel D. — Westchester, IL

I appreciate everything you guys have done to make my incident as painless as possible. I especially appreciate the cleaning of the interior and exterior of the truck upon completion. Made me feel very good to get my new truck back. Thanks so much!
Jake R. — Edgerton, WI

You guys are absolutely the best of them all. We always say "Oren's is the best" and we always recommend you! Very satisfied with all that you do.
Larry N. — Stoughton, WI

You guys are absolutely the best of them all. We always say "Oren's is the best" and we always recommend you! Very satisfied with all that you do.
Jim & Vicki J. — Edgerton, WI

Great working with a local dedicated family.
Karla K. — Janesville, WI

Thank you ALL for such a nice staff. My Blazer looks and drives great! Will come back for more work when needed. I'll drive the 100 miles to do so. Thanks again for everything!!!!
Corine J. — Hancock, WI

Two accidents in one year - both times you did a great job. I recommend you often! Thank you!
Maureen F. — Edgerton, WI

A #1 as always. Thank you for making my car a pleasure to drive again!
Jim and Vicki J. — Edgerton, WI

Everything was great - very timely, worked around my schedule, free loaner and all insurance paperwork was done for me. And, the best part is that my car looks great - we think better than when we bought it! Thanks!
Clayton and Carrie L. — Edgerton, WI

You guys exceeded my expectations. My car looks and more importantly, feels like brand new. Thank you. My understanding was I had to go to the insurance company's claims center and get a check based on their estimate, then find somewhere to go. I didn’t feel fairly taken care of in that process so I was much more comfortable having someone I trust do the estimate, and I appreciate that!
Jennifer R. — Janesville, WI

Thank you for making a negative situation POSITIVE!
Abigail D. — Janesville, WI

We always appreciate the extra mile Shane goes to provide excellent customer service. All of the staff follows this ethic and makes the company awesome to work with!
Mark C. — Edgerton, WI

Great people and excellent service. Thank you!
Javier V. — Edgerton, WI

You made my first accident so much easier to deal with. I'm letting everyone I know how great you are to work with and so timely. Thank you so much!!
Kathleen H. — Janesville, WI

Absolutely the BEST experience I've ever had at an auto repair shop - I greatly appreciated the timely repair job, the loaner vehicle and the feeling that I was being taken seriously, even as a woman in a repair shop. Seamless, excellent service. We will be back!! Have already recommended you to friends!
Christina C. — Edgerton, WI

Excellent repair job. Cannot tell it was damaged at all! Detailing the inside was greatly appreciated!!
Garry & Nancy M. — Janesville, WI

You did a great job. We love the workmanship! Thank you.
Larry B. — Milton, WI

A great customer service experience. Oren's Auto Body is by far the top of the class when it comes to auto body repair!
Richard P. — Milton, WI

Oren’s Community Involvement

  • Business Network International — Rock River Chapter Shane and Wendy — 2011 to Present
  • Central Lutheran Church — Shane — 1968 to Present
  • Ducks Unlimited — Shane — Present Member
  • Edgerton Community Fund — Wendy — 2012 to Present
  • Edgerton Conservation Club — Shane — Present Member
  • Edgerton Girls Basketball Board Member — Wendy — 2010 to Present
  • Edgerton Track Booster Club Board Member — Wendy — 2009 to Present
  • Edgerton Traveling Boys Basketball Coach — Shane — 2008 to Present
  • Edgerton Traveling Girls Basketball Asst. Coach — Shane — 2008 to 2011
  • Edgerton Volleyball Booster Club Board Member — Wendy — 2008 to Present
  • Edgerton Youth Basketball Board Member — Wendy — 2004 to Present
  • Edgerton Youth Basketball Coach — Shane — 2001 to Present
  • Edgerton Youth Softball Coach — Shane — 2007 to Present
  • Meals on Wheels — Wendy — 2011 to Present
  • St. Joseph Catholic Church — Wendy — 1971 to Present
  • Wild Turkey Federation — Shane — Present Member

Meet The Oren Family

Our family business has been proudly serving the area communities since 1976. We take pride in the work we do for our customers. And, when we say family business, we mean family business!

Oren FamilyShane started working in the car wash at age 12 and the rest is history! In January 2000, he and Wendy purchased the business from his parents. When they are not at the body shop, they are busy with their three children, Whitney, Seth and Bethany. They enjoy watching all the sporting activities the kids are involved in. When time permits, the family relaxes most by spending as much time as possible in northern Wisconsin at a family cottage where they enjoy fishing, swimming, skiing and sometimes doing absolutely nothing!

All three kids help out in the car wash. Applying mailing labels and stamps usually turns out to be a family project with a takeout pizza! Seth also lends a hand in the body shop. He mentions that someday he will be a “bodyman” just like Dad. Who knows, maybe a third generation?

Family owned business since 1976.

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